NA/NB miata (89-05) 4x Adjustable Coilovers Kit NEW

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We've compiled the best budget miata Coilovers that are perfect for track time and daily exploitation. The coilovers are made from 6063 aluminum with T6 for increased hardness - the advantages include excellent strength and reduced weight. 


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  • Applications
    for Mazda Miata MX5 NA NB 1990-2005
    Quantity: 2 piece front + 2 pieces rear
    Spring rate Front:  7kg/mm (392lbs/in)
    Spring rate Rear:  6kg/mm (336lbs/in)
    Adjustable damper: No
    Adjustable hight:  Yes
    Adjustable camber plate:  No
    Warranty:  2 year warranty


    * Adjustable ride height

    * Adjustable pre-load spring tension

    * Most components are made from 6063 aluminum with T6 for increased hardness -- the advantages include excellent strength, and aluminum helps keep the weight down.

    * Hi Tensile performance spring - Under 600,000 times continuously test, the spring distortion is less than 0.04%. Plus, the special surface treatment is to improve the durability and performance.

    * All inserts come with fitted rubber boots to protect the damper and keep clean.

    * A fast and affordable way to easily upgrade your car's appearance.

    * Easy installation with right tools.

  • Package Includes: 4 * miata Coilovers